Alaska 2017 (Part 1)

Went on a family cruise a little over a month ago. Taking photos turned out to be a little harder this time.

I had a bit of trouble when it got really cold. I used my SEL1670Z with my a6000 the whole time. Sometimes the camera wouldn’t recognize the settings it was on (f-stop, shutter speed, etc). Sometimes it would artificially limit how far I could zoom. But overall I think I got some ok shots.

It was also difficult processing those shots. As I remember them, the scenes were usually foggy and low contrast. In my post processing, they end up looking like they’ve lost detail as I tried to bump up the contrast and interest. Some of them end up looking more like paintings, too, after trying to get rid of most of the noise.

These pictures include some from the start and end of the trip. More coming soon…

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