Shooting Around

I haven’t been doing a ton of pictures, but I started up again a little in June. I’ve been posting some of them directly to Instagram. Here’s a couple sets.

Water Lantern Festival Aliso Viejo – June 24

None of the lanterns pictured here are mine. Mine didn’t end up looking that good haha.

Mojave Desert – July 26

A friend and I went out to try to take pictures of the Milky Way. I tried playing with long exposures and time-lapses. I learned the cameras can have a bit of trouble shooting continuously in warm areas. For my a7riii in particular, this manifested itself as solid red, blue, and green dots. I got a suggestion for helping deal with that noise, but I haven’t tried anything out yet. I think it may also cause temperature changes between shots even at the same settings.

If you go all the way to the last slide, here’s the time-lapse on my Instagram:

San Diego – August 10

Went to try to take pictures of the sunset. But a huge cloud wall got in the way. 😅

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