Shibuya Halloween 2019

This year I was in Shibuya for Halloween! Even though there’s no official event on the 31st, many people still come to the area around Shibuya station in costume. I didn’t dress up, but I stepped out of my comfort zone a little bit by asking strangers if I could take their pictures. Here are some of the ones I took.

Shibuya crossing is crazy packed on Halloween. When I was next to the station, there was absolutely no room to move on my own. I basically was shoved to the next intersection. In addition, this year they started new policies like no public drinking in certain areas around the station. And there were a lot of police/security people around watching over the crowd and making sure people kept moving.

It was a very interesting place to be. There were lots of weird costumes, too. I might try to go again if I have the chance. 🙂

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